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Stream and Table Needs Forge a Dynamic Partnership to Elevate the Dining Experience with Advanced Integration

Salt Lake City, Utah — 3/3/2024 — In an exciting development for the restaurant industry, Stream Digital Signage and Table Needs have joined forces to integrate Stream’s Content Manager Software with Table Needs’ innovative Point of Sale (POS) system. This partnership is set to transform the drive-thru and dining experience, bringing unprecedented efficiency and accuracy to restaurant operations.

This strategic collaboration introduces a seamless connection between order confirmations at the drive-thru, live price changes, and now, advanced inventory management from the POS to digital menu boards. With this integration, when an item runs out and is marked as such in the Point of Sale, the digital menu boards will automatically update to reflect the item as “Sold Out.”

Enhanced Features of the Integration Include:

Real-Time Order Confirmation

Drive-thru customers will see their orders displayed instantly, enhancing trust and satisfaction through transparent communication.

Live Price Changes

Direct updates from the POS to digital menu boards ensure that menu prices are always current, fostering a transparent pricing environment for patrons.

Innovative Inventory Managment

The integration takes a significant leap forward by automatically updating digital menu boards to indicate when an item is sold out, streamlining the dining experience and preventing order discrepancies.

Order Confirmation with Stream

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Founders Comments

“Partnering with Table Needs allows us to push the boundaries of what digital signage can achieve in the restaurant sector,” said Michael Plant, Co-Founder at Stream Digital Signage. “This integration not only simplifies operations but also elevates the customer experience by ensuring accuracy from order placement to fulfillment.”

Ben Simmons, CEO of Table Needs, echoed this sentiment: “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that address the real-world challenges faced by restaurants today. The added feature of inventory management to digital menu boards is a game-changer, ensuring our clients can offer a seamless and dynamic dining experience.”

The integration between Stream Digital Signage and Table Needs is now available, marking a significant advancement in restaurant technology solutions. Restaurants looking to leverage this technology can find more information by visiting and

Stream Digital Signage

Stream Digital Signage leads the way in digital display solutions, offering innovative products that enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency across the restaurant industry.

Digital Drive-Thru System Stream

Table Needs POS

Table Needs specializes in providing comprehensive POS solutions tailored for the restaurant industry, focusing on intuitive design and scalability to help businesses grow and adapt to changing market demands.

Table Needs POS Integrates with Stream

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