Retail Signage Case Study: Megalopolis Toys

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Retail Signage Case Study

Megalopolis Toys is the one of the nations highest selling Toy Stores in America.  With a unique brand and reputation, Megalopolis was looking to improve customer education and provide customers’ tools within their retail store. It was very important to the owners that the retail signage kiosk was easy to operate. Moreover, this case study is on why Megalopolis uses Stream and how it has improved customer communication in their first brick and mortar store.

Megalopolis - City of Collectables

If you don’t already order from their website be sure to check out their retail store located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Retail Store

How Megalopolis Uses Its Kiosk

Megalopolis, city of collectables is the only life style brand in the toy industry. They primarily operate as an online retailer. Matt & Ben, the owners, wanted to extend that life-style brand to all their customers. The goal was to maximize the amount of toys being sold in a small retail space with Interactive kiosks. Being called the “City of Collectables,” the first step was offering their customers an Inventory button. This enabled them to provide all items to the customer regardless of their limited space. Moreover, if Megalopolis didn’t have that particular item at their retail store, the item would be shipped to the customers house.

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In-Store Promotions

Megalopolis use the kiosks as an opportunity to offer a stress-free sales approach. Customers can go through a self-serve process enabling customers to see ‘Flash Sales’, ‘New Items’, and ‘Limited Editions’. Megalopolis utilizes the screen as a sales tool to aide the sales staff and customers. And, most importantly, they have so much inventory of toys that they can’t put them on the store shelves. Every time they update their website with inventory with the latest and greatest toys it automatically shows up on the kiosks.

Retail Signage - Stream Case Study - Megalopolis - shelf
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Return On Investment

In conclusion, with the new Interactive Kiosks in place, Megalopolis has increased their overall sales by showing all their inventory in a small space.  As well as, increasing their toy awareness, promotions and event attendance. If you want to learn more about how Retail Signage can help your business click here. Please share your thoughts and comments below. 


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