Interactive Signage Case Study: Boat Dealership

Interactive Signage Case Study: Boat Dealer

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Marine Products is the one of the nations highest selling boat dealerships. With an uncontested reputation, Marine Products was looking to improve customer education. And, provide employee sales tools within & outside their dealership. It was very important to the owner that the interactive signage kiosk was easy to operate and quick without disrupting their existing sales operation. This study is on why Marine Products uses Stream and how it has improved sales communications across their dealership and trade shows.


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Boat Inventory

Retail Store Location


Marine Products is an industry leader in boat sales. Randy, the owner, wanted to extend that message to all their customers, as well as all the benefits of using a forward-thinking dealership like theirs. Additionally, Marine Products wanted the interactive signage solution to maximize efficiency in lead generation at trade shows they attend. The goal was to maximize the trade show space with an Interactive kiosk. As well as, providing their sales staff interactive tools to provide a quick and informative experience to their customers regardless of budget.

Interactive Signage - Stream Case Study - Trade Show


Marine Product’s first priority was to maximize the trade show floor. Lot’s of business owners know how expensive space can be at a trade shows and being a boat dealer doesn’t really help all that much. Marine Products & Stream’s design team had to take in account how to maximize the trade show space. A few days later, they came up with offering their customers and salesmen a few key elements. One, a ‘Used Inventory’ button, the kiosk then enabled them to provide all inventory information to the customer regardless of their budget. As well as, a ‘Boat Customizer’ button, enabling anyone to design their own dream boat.


When Marine Products doesn’t have a trade show, they use the kiosk as an opportunity to offer a stress-free sales approach. Customers can go through a self-serve education process. Marine Products utilizes the screen as a sales tool to aide the sales staff. Every year when the latest and greatest boat models come out, employees can easily change photos, videos, links, and more. Customers can go through used boats inventory to customizing their dream boat.


In conclusion, with the new Interactive Kiosks in place, Marine Products have increased their Used Boat Sales and over 100+ trees worth of paper. Increasing their overall bottom line at Trade Shows by 8%. If you have any questions or anything you would like to add please comment below.


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