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Digital Pizza Menu - Stream Case Study -Coburg Pizza Co - Digital Menu

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Coburg Pizza Company Digital Menu Case Study

When looking for the Best Pizza in Oregon, Coburg Pizza is at the top of that list. For over 13 years, opened in 2000, Coburg Pizza has been growing and finding ways to be a step ahead of the competition. With a robust and imaginative menu, Coburg Pizza wanted to improve the way they could showcase all their items with some flare. With implementing Digital Menus, Coburg Pizza brought awareness and creativity to every customer that walked into their two locations. This study is on why Coburg Pizza uses Stream and how it has improved overall sales and customer ordering thru menu design.

Coburg Pizza Company

Opened in 2000 and have two locations in Oregon. Stop by if you’re ever in town!

Coburg, Oregon

Springfield, Oregon

How Coburg Pizza Co Uses Digital Menus

Coburg Pizza Co. is the industry leader for Pizza and Wings in Wayne County, Oregon. Terry and John-Mark, the owners, wanted to improve their image to all their customers. Additionally, they wanted a Digital Pizza Menu solution to maximize item awareness. As well as, clean up their image. They were previously using paper promotions, fliers and table tents. The goal was to increase the customers knowledge of their pizza pies while improving the brand image.

Digital Pizza Menu - Stream Case Study -Coburg Pizza Co - Digital Menu

Terry and John-Mark wanted to capture the imagination of their guests. Just like their pizza has captured their imagination. Coburg Pizza provides their guests with over 57 different Pizza Pies and that’s just their regular menu. In other words, Stream had their work cut out for them as they had to find a way for a introduce the guests to pizzas they haven’t had before.

Pizza Awareness via the Digital Menu

Stream’s job was to design a Pizza Menu with Terry’s goal in mind. By offering their customers a page turner designed menu, they have enabled customers with knowledge for them to understand the amount of pizza’s they actually serve and, know what’s on them. On another note, Coburg Pizza also offers coffee and desserts under the name of Nana’s Caffé where Stream was able to fit in their menu items plus promotions. Thus, by placing digital menus in the store Stream helped increase their brand image while keeping their customers salivating.

The Results

In conclusion, the response in-house has been tremendous. With the new Digital Menus in place, Coburg Pizza Company has increased their guests pizza knowledge and has had a significant increase in the number of new pizzas ordered. Moreover, having looked at several other digital signage companies they choose Stream for their design, support and responsiveness. Coburg Pizza company has saved over 20+ Trees worth of Paper.  


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