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American Burgers is a local brand in Utah with 3 locations to serve. They provide a wide variety of food but, primarily focus on burgers and shakes. With a new location opening in Herriman, Utah, American Burgers was looking to improve their average ticket at the registers specifically, with the Digital Drive Thru Menu. It was very important to the owners that the digital drive thru menu was easy to operate without disrupting their existing operation. This study is on why American Burgers uses Stream and how it has improved overall sales and customer ordering time.

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How American Burgers Utilize Digital Signage

American Burgers is the industry leader in Tooele & Grantville City. Mary and Angelo, the owners, wanted to improve their image to all their customers. Additionally, American Burgers wanted a Digital Drive Thru Menu solution to maximize efficiency in ordering time. Thus, the goal was to increase their average ticket and ordering time with the Drive Thru Menu.

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By offering their customers up-selling ads and an order confirmation screen, they have enabled customers and their staff options. Furthermore, successfully increasing revenue and speed of service without actually doing anything different. In Addition, they placed more digital menus inside the store conveying the same add-on sales and dessert promotions.

Up-Selling via The Digital Drive Thru

American Burgers primary goal was to increase add-on sales via the Digital Drive Thru Menu. In doing so, Stream implemented a marketing campaign that sold the sizzle and not the steak. When designing ads for American Burgers Stream took a deep look at their most profitable and popular burgers, sides, and shakes. Once Stream dissected their entire menu a plan was put in motion for tantalizing imagery to make their customers salivate while ordering. Stream was very particular in where and when to display these Add-On promotions. Taking in account the average time it takes a customer to order and so on.

The Return On Investment

Ultimately, with the Digital Drive Thru Menus in place and having it sync with their Point of Sale, Stream was able to successfully increase their Average Ticket by a $1.25. That doesn’t sound like a lot but, that is an increase of 8.5% of their previous average ticket. This data was retrieved  after looking at 6 months of sales data after install. Moreover, Stream helped increase the speed of the operations by having customers know how much their order cost. As well as, minimize the amount of wrong orders going out. This was done by connecting the Order Confirmation screen with the Digital Drive Thru Menu. We always look forward to comments, please let us know what your thoughts are.

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