Electronic Menu Boards – 3 Things you must know about ROI

Electronic Menu Boards - 3 Things you must know about R.O.I..

Electronic Menu Boards

Restaurants always face challenges, whether it’s getting new customers or trying to keep up with the competition. The food industry is rapidly changing. Growing competition means that restaurant owners have to look for new ways to attract customers. One of the best ways is electronic menu boards. Those restaurants still waiting to use digital signage should read the following ways to increase the R.O.I. of a restaurant. 

Raising Revenue Per Square Foot

To raise the revenue per square foot of the restaurant using electronic menu boards, restaurants need to focus on up-sell, cross-sell, and revisits by customers. Measuring the impact on all three of these elements is vital to business growth, regardless of size. To achieve this, the design of electronic menu boards should be focused on increasing sales by promoting menu items with engaging photos and videos.

Increasing Add-On Sales which helps your bottom line using Electronic Menu Boards | Stream

Increasing Add-On Sales

Focusing on up selling high-profit items is a great way for restaurants to increase their sales. Gone are the days when customers at a restaurant were asked, “would you like fries with that”. Today, electronic menu boards can be programmed to display those add-ons. Letting the customers know about their options before they order can lead to more sales of items that otherwise go unnoticed. Having Digital Signage is an effective way to promote new premium items and possibly change the customer’s purchase decision. 

Brand Recognition Value

The single greatest challenge faced by restaurant owners is the ability to get customers through the door. With the growing number of restaurants popping up every day, attracting customers has become far more challenging than ever. This is where the use of digital signage proves to be extremely useful for businesses looking to attract new customers. An attractive electronic menu is a great way to showcase premium items on the menu, daily specials, and promotions. Integrating traditional social media into the electronic menu boards can result in a solid marketing solution. When executed quickly, restaurants can attract more customers and trigger incremental purchases more effectively. All while minimizing marketing costs.


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