5 Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

Benefits of Digital Menus

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Digital menu boards offer an easy and cost effective system for restaurants to maximize communication and effectiveness at the register. Going digital offers you the capability to producemanage, and control your content in the most effective way. The key is to follow a plan to produce real, measurable value through your strategy. If you’re doubtful about making the move to digital, read these five benefits of digital menu boards.

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1. Make Menu Changes In Seconds

When you want to change pricing on a print menu, you have to pay a designer to change it, wait for proofs, and then pay and wait for reprints. But, with a digital menu board system, you can change the menu content from your computer in seconds. Simply change text, upload a photo, and your changes publish instantly.

This makes it infinitely easier to manage your food items, prices, and update the menu whenever you want. You can add new items easily, remove non-performing ones, and even spice up the menu by adding promotional images.

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2. Increase Sales by 50%

Studies show the average digital menu board system pays itself off within 3-6 months due to increased sales. Big-name fast food outlet Burger King experienced a 64% increase in total sales over the first 12 months after installing digital menu boards. Other fast-food outlets have reported similar profit growth after installing digital menu boards, so if the initial cost of implementing digital signage is causing you to delay the decision, you could be costing your restaurant money in lost profits

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3. Digital Menus Are Cheaper

Print menus are expensive. While a single paper menu is relatively cheap, when you need multiple copies again and again (often a few times a year), those design and printing costs can quickly add up. Of course, digital menus don’t need to be printed out, which means that you can make significant savings in even the first year of installation. Recurring costs can be a very real hazard to the tight profit margins of a food business, so cutting those repeated expenses should always be a priority.

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4. Cut Down Waiting Times

Digital menu board systems have been proven to reduce perceived wait times at checkouts by as much as 35%. Because people have something to look at while waiting, the time seems to go by faster. The same isn’t true of printed menus because they’re static, and repeat customers have already seen them, so they aren’t interested.

Restaurant menu boards can also help your audience make faster decisions about what to order, which speeds up the line and makes service go smoother for both your staff and customers. That all adds up to a better customer experience.

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5. Schedule Your Menu Content

By using digital menu boards, you won’t ever forget to swap out your paper menus. You can set your digital menu to automatically change from breakfast to lunch and on to dinner.

With the menu, you can preset and schedule your content to display when and how you want.

By automating your content changes, you can spend more time concentrating on your customers and providing them the best experience.

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