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Stream’s digital menu solution saves you time and money on printing while increasing sales by displaying stunning photos and videos of your products.

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Digital Menu

Why digital menus are better

Save money on design and printing

Display stunning photos & Videos

Manage Your menus remotely

Increase Your Average Ticket

Digital Menu

How it works

After connecting Stream’s media player to your any screen, you can easily create stunning digital menu boards in minutes. Use one of Stream’s design professionals to maximize your digital menu ROI.

Add items, descriptions, images, videos, categroies, and prices – your changes will appear on your screen in seconds.

You run a great business. Let us handle your digital signage.



Schedule Menus

Schedule different content for different times of the day, month, or year. Watch your changes happen without touching a button.

Custom Design

Let one of Stream's design professionals handle all your branding, pricing, and design uploads. Make your menu process as easy as possible.

Easy Edits

Stream allows you to edit your content from any computer, anywhere in the world. Simply log-on, make your changes, and watch them publish instantly.

POS Integration

Stream integrates with many point-of-sale software to allow changes to be made directly from the point of sale software.

Works with any screen

Stream’s digital menu board solution works with any commercial monitor, smart tv, or digital drive-thru system flawlessly. 

Simply connect to the internet, register your account, and publish your content. 

It’s that easy.

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What customers say

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the content for your digital menu boards can be uploaded and managed by you. Or you can use one of our design professionals.

Simply log-in to your account from any computer, anywhere in the world. Edit your text and content and watch your changes publish immediately.

Yes! Stream works on any TV, monitor, or touch screen display.

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