Digital Courthouse Solutions

General Service Administration

The G.S.A. also known as General Service Administration uses Stream Solutions for Communications and directions.   Any type of Communication from government agency or institution often carry a significant amount of importance – from emergency and public safety updates to offering vital services and information to a community. This Case Study is about How the United States Federal Court House in Utah uses Stream’s Products and Why they use them.

By introducing a digital signage network, government institutions including courthouses, capital buildings, prisons, D.M.V.’s, township offices and more they can:

  • Share Amber Alerts, disaster and emergency information, crime alerts and more.
  • Improve inter-office and inter-departmental communication
  • Direct visitors to the right place with wayfinding touchscreens or wifi.
  • Incorporate wayfinding screens and kiosks
  • Generate revenue through advertising while saving money on cable, printing costs and posting labor.

Click to Learn more about Social Screen

Click to Learn more about Social Screen

Interactive Signage

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